My four pink walls

These are my four pink walls. This blog is mostly about j-fashion, specifically lolita, but there can be other things occassionaly like K-ON! and stuff. But that's the exception. I usually post between 3 and 6 things a day.
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Coord from going shopping with some friends!
Tights, JSK, headbow- AP
Bag, parasol- BtSSB
Blouse- The Floral Notebook
Wig- Lockshop
Shoes, wrist cuffs- Taobao
Jewelry- handmade/offbrand

I can’t wait for Connichi!  Sadly, this year my usual Connichi Girls won’t be with me. Last year was especially fun thanks to litzebitzebitz, who I was wearing matching Cult Party Kei outfits with and she also was the Scanty to my Kneesocks. I miss you a lot! .-.
photo by linriel!

Both of you look amazing ♥

Queen of Rose by FiestaPalladia
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I posted a screenshot of my desktop once and it hasn’t changed a lot since. I rarely, if ever, change backgrounds and stuff. Once I’m satisfied with something I stick with it for a long time :D
I cleaned it up not too long ago, normally there are more random files on it. ^^”
I love K-ON! and I love cute things, so there’s that!
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