My four pink walls

These are my four pink walls. This blog is mostly about j-fashion, specifically lolita, but there can be other things occassionaly like K-ON! and stuff. But that's the exception. I usually post between 3 and 6 things a day.
I tag everything! So if you're looking for something specific, you can use my tag list ! :3
Is that a Selfie? IT’S A SELFIE! I think the first one ever on this blog ^^I usually don’t even take selfies.
So! I went to Connichi in Germany and it was the best convention ever and I’m very excited to share some photos with all of you! I don’t know when I get these so in the meantime enjoy this selfie I took on Friday with my 3DS! :D

Quick shot of dinner outfit! Haven’t worn this dress in forever, and for good reason, it was too cold really.. I recycle outfits too much I think.Headbow, bolero, blouse, otks: Innocent WorldJSK: Mary MagdaleneFleur-de-lys pin which you can’t really see: Peppermint FoxShoes: Naya Jada